March Madness

March seemed like it slipped by without much adventure or event. But being my birthday month I thought I would pay particular attention to it with a special post, and now looking back it was more magical and new than expected! I spent days blogging, trying out new recipes, getting back into drawing and of course mucho online shopping!

My home-made granola was a big hit with Austin especially, and super handy to offer to guests. It was extremely easy to make and the jars were the perfect storage keeping it fresh and long-lasting.

If I might say so myself, I make the best Guac (in Brooklyn at least!). 

Zara Summer Sandals.

I called this project Karl X Three. Here is Karl's story.....

I have a love of posters and maybe some day would like to get into graphic design.

Soy milk, greek yoghurt, banana and strawberry. Simply delicious.

March Madness included my first time snowboarding. Austin was of course better than me! I'm not competitive at all ; )

My usual spot at 5 Leaves, Brooklyn.

Birthday Girl.

My liquid lunch at Casa Romero in Boston. Not only was it my first trip to this fabulous city but I also got to see my cousin (and best friend) for the first time in nearly two years!

Our morning spot. Coffee and i-pad central!

I hope you enjoyed my March Photo Diary xxx