iCatchers: Socks 'n' Shoes

What are we thinking? Loving or hating this style? For me this trend is as tasty as Sunday brunch! I think the ankle sock can definitely bring the dress code down a few notches and give a comfy and easy-going edge to your look. Not only this, but if you want to give a monochrome look a bit of jazz and a slight POP! then do this with fun patterned socks as the Man Repeller does. And even if it is simply to warm up those piggies (my mom always referred to my toes as piggies...weird?), then pull up those cosy socks and let them be an addition to your stylish #ootd.

Ps. igobyfrankie is my new girl crush! Being from France and living in London, she has the perfect balance of french chic and london grunge! Her style is effortless, and being the Topshop HQ she is always in the know of recent Topshop styles, and through her blog displays the latest tendencies in European fashion.

Images via: igobyfrankie.com, Style Scrapbook, Fashion Toast, SongofStyle, LustforLife, The Man Repeller, Olsens Anonymous, DailyMail.