Brown Essentials

(Ray ban sunglasses case :: Sephora lipstick in Rouge Shine :: Argan Oil :: Michael Kors watch :: J crew headband :: Paddy Wax Apothecary candle :: Urban Outfitters headband)

This is a small display of either new essentials that I am using on a daily basis, or old classics that for me will always be rudimental to my day to day activities.

1) Ray ban wayfarers may not be the most expensive, or fanciest item when it comes to eyewear, but they definitely have to be the most fundamental and basic possession in every bloggers life. 
2) I have had an ongoing love affair with the MAC lipstick in Hue for the past few years, but I was recently introduced to this slightly darker shade by Sephora. The colour is not as 'nude' as I would usually go for, but the pink shade is the perfect medium and is perfect for these cold winter days, giving a warmer look.
3) This Moroccan Argan oil is a miracle worker. Not only does it liven up those dead ends and give your hair a new glow, but also helps in achieving certain hairstyles, like the sleeked back ponytail/bun or the 'wet-look' (used in some of my recent posts).
4) I will never forget the moment I saw this Michael Kors watch in a page of British Vogue three years ago. It was love at first sight. It will forever be my baby!
5)  This pony-hair J crew headband is on the skinny side, so while the leopard print gives your outfit a POP!, it isn't a statement that takes over your entire look. 
6) My Camomile & Fig candle is coming to an end, devastating. The warm smell and glow has got me through these cold and dark winter months. I'm hoping Urban Outfitters still have them in stock, fingers crossed.
7) Last but not least, my brown pleather headband is like nothing else I own and I like its unusual and unique twist it brings my outfits (see my last outfit post).