Bear Cave.

(Forever21 shirt :: Zara skirt :: Topshop statement necklace :: Duo chain :: MK watch and bag :: Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers :: Sunglasses from NY shop)

Yes, I was only demonstrating how easy it is to hibernate your way out of the blogging world. But now I will slowly wake Molly Pocket up! I hope not to have been a disappointment to followers. 

I am almost certain no one in their right minds have ignored the 'sneaker trend,' because I know I for one have done quite the opposite and gone so far as to abuse it! I refuse to take off my sneakers incase I miss out on a mili-second of this genius and ridiculously comfy fashion-mania that has taken over the streets of NY. I promise I will go as far to wear them with my swim suit, birthday suit, you name it! 

An iCatchers post is in order I think.