(Cos Shirt, H&M Pants, Vintage Briefcase, Mom's Necklace, Steve Madden Heels, Michael Kors Watch, The Cobra Shop Sunglasses)

Still can't get my head around the price of these pants: BARGAIN. Today was the perfect day to finish off my birthday week. Felt like the beginning of summer with blue skies, sunnies and beers! I actually love nothing more than a new white item: so clean and fresh. This white shirt is perfection. The necklace I wore today (sneak peak under the collar above) is a necklace my Mama bought HER Mama when she was twelve. Just imagining my tiny mom saving up weeks in advance and picking this out specially gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Hope you all enjoyed my birthday week as much as I did. Thanks so much to those who spoiled me rotten :) xxx