Tutorial: Browns

Step One.

Step Two.

Step Three.

Step Four.

Step Five.

Step Six.

Step Seven.

Final Look.

All that Glitters, Cork, Folie, Antiqued

Eyeshadows same as above, Clarins skin illusion 112, MAC Bronzer, MAC Studio Fix, Essence Mascara, Catrice Liquid Eyeliner, Illamasqua Bronzer Brush, The Body Shop Blusher Brush.

I dont like breaking habit when it comes to makeup. I find a new finish I like and I pretty much stick to it until I'm inspired by someone or something else! What I like with this look you could apply mascara at any given step and it would be complete. The earlier you do this (in the steps above) the more natural and 'everyday' the look would be.

1) Step one I applied The Clarins Foundation equally on my face. I then covered this with the Studio Fix powder. I use the MAC Bronzer only under my cheek bones as a blusher. Face done!
2) I applied a MAC cream base (Paint pot in 'groundwork') which can be used under eyeshadow to help it last the day, or I find it can be nice left on its own with mascara.
3) Over this I applied 'Cork' in an even layer. Blend this towards the upper eye lid. Under your eye, you can apply a thick line of this. 'All that Glitters' can be lightly put on directly under the eyebrow, giving a highlighted effect.
4) Step four, is used'folie' in the creases of the eye lid and directly under your eyelashes.
5) With a slightly larger eyeshadow brush I applied only a small amount (it can come out quite dark) of 'antiqued' again to the crease of the eyelid and under the eye.
6) The final steps are applying the liquid eyeliner and,
7) Your mascara of choice, Voilá!

This is my first tutorial I've posted. Sorry if it's hard to follow. I'm open to any suggestions in making it more straightforward. Hopefully soon I'll be brave and find the courage to do a video tutorial. Baby steps!