Summer Transition has invited me to share my wardrobe's journey and transition into summer. So, through Molly Pocket I am excited to share with you my summer essentials, my favourite prints for this season and show you how my Irish blood effects my NYC summer outfits!

Here are a few of my Summer Essentials. Points to note:
1. Invest in denim cut-offs, all sizes, shapes and colours.
2. Summer heels are important, but summer flats even more so.
3. The fedora. Need I say more?
4. Protect those eyes. But ladies, do it with STYLE!


So, here we go! Growing up with Irish weather, this time of year didn't bring such a drastic transition to my wardrobe essentials. I am someone who is very much stuck in her ways, and even though the sticky NYC weather sometimes forces me to drop a few hundred layers, I still like to incorporate some winter items in my summer looks.

Look One. Every girl, coming into this season should have a summer dress. This Safari/Military style dress is paired above with fringed Zara mules and a cosy leather jacket. While in New York one may not need the jacket in 100 degree heat, in Ireland it would be a necessity. Right girls? So, don't be afraid to re-use winter purchases to emphasize your summer ensemble.


This outfit makes two statements. The first being that 'the strappy sandals' are a summer must-have. While secondly, the white shirt is a Molly Pocket essential, that plays a huge part in my wardrobe ALL YEAR ROUND! TWS (the white shirt) for me is a staple piece that always makes an outfit, whether its paired with old ripped Levi shorts, skinnies, or even worn open over a cute summer dress. DO IT, try all three!


My final look SCREAMS SUMMER! This hawaiian print shirt-dress is an old favourite of mine and rarely comes out to play, but when it does, it never lets me down! Even though this print never goes out of style, this summer I am CRAZY FOR CAMO! I am lusting after anything and everything with a hint of camouflage this season, so keep an eye out on Molly Pocket for an over-kill of military-inspired  items and deep green hues. 
This summer the tote bag has to be my number one choice. I rarely leave the house without a large bottle of water, my Beats, iPad, Kindle and a million other lady-essentials, therefore the tote is the perfect bag for Molly Pocket's summer '14 looks.

I want to say thank you to for encouraging me to do a Summer post on Molly Pocket. is a marketplace to buy and sell gift cards. Not only is it a great way to get rid of unused gift cards in return for cash, but one can buy discounted gift cards for all of your favourite sites from Nordstrom to DSW. They're interactive campaign called 'Closet Swap' will feature an exclusive group of bloggers and they're personal transition into summer. I cant wait to see the result with a mix of contrasting fashion tips and trends.

All three looks will be individually featured on Molly Pocket over the next week, so you get a better look at each outfit. I hope you leave Molly Pocket today inspired even more excited about the following months, whether you are in sticky NYC or chilly-willy Dublin!


(H&M pencil skirt :: MADEWELL tee :: BANANA REPUBLIC cross-body bag ::
VANS sneakers :: NIXON watch :: THE CARAVAN sunnies ::
TIFFANYS&CO necklace)

This H&M pencil skirt is one of my favourite and best purchases. I think I got it for less than $20 and it wasn't even on sale! Clearly due to the style it is extremely tight (Austin, while taking the photos, tormented me by singing Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie") which gives off quite a sexy vibe, but by pairing it with sneakers and a lose tee resulted in a perfect casual 'brunch' outfit. It's always nice to feel sexy, but you can do that not revealing too much, while at the same time looking comfy and laid-back!

Old Stripes X New Checks

(Forever 21 jacket :: Zara top :: American Eagle shorts :: Michael Kors mini
clutch :: Ray-ban sunglasses :: Vans loafers)

My 'New Checks' arrived this morning at 10.30 and by 10.33 I was prancing around the apartment in them! They were the perfect slip-ons for my stroll around Greenpoint today.

I have said this before, but I really do love mixing old and new items from my closet. It's always joyous when something new, like these Vans, perfectly compliment an old jacket you thought was ready for the attic. This Zara blouse is from last summer and I am obsessed with the delicate flowery lace pattern. The open detail on the sleeves is perfect for summer! 

I left the house without a watch today. I WAS LOST. Literally. It resulted in a proud moment where I realized that I have officially become a New Yorker, where each second is an opportunity for something new and exciting. Never a dull moment in this fabulous city. 

Happy Monday everybody. MP.

Memorial Day.

(Brooklyn Industries blouse :: Topshop collar and DIY shorts :: Zara heels :: J. Crew bag :: House of Harlow
Sunnies :: Michael Kors watch)

FINALLY I have had the time to wear something other than Lulu Lemon! The weather here in New York has been hormonal to say the least. Cold temperatures, thunder storms and basically nothing resembling summer, has meant that I have been totally uninspired to dress myself with any effort. Combining my old jeans (cut into short shorts!) with this beautiful new Brooklyn Industries blouse, excites me nearly as much as salted caramel icecream. This top has so much potential and has my mind racing with outfit after outfit. All I need is time, and a bunch of beautiful sunny days like today. 


His Birthday.


I want.

(Aritzia blouse :: Zara shorts :: Betsey Johnson wedges :: J. Crew bag :: Nixon
watch :: THE CARAVAN sunnies)

I am going to be honest and tell you that I have just returned home from his birthday dinner at Balthazar, where I ate my entire body weight in food, and now am so full it hurts to type! The birthday weekend is now over (sorry Austin), so it's time to go back to eating normally and celebrating life just a little less. 

Goodnight all. MP xxx

All Topshop Everything

From yesterday, my casual Saturday outfit. 

(Topshop blazer, jeans, shirt and collar :: Vans sneakers :: J. Crew bag ::
Swatch watch)

I'm dedicating this blog post to my wonderful Mama, who for my whole life has funded my love of fashion and put my desires always before her own. Everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her have had their lives touched by someone truly special. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are busy today spoiling your Mamas. 

My beautiful Mama, and best friend.


Sincerely Jules tee :: Topshop Moto vest :: Free People jeans :: J. Crew bag ::
Betsey Johnson wedges :: Swatch watch

  I purchased these jeans last week, and still being available online here, 
I would urge you all to follow the link and start BUYING! 
They are affordable, comfy and look fab :)

So today comprised of my daily yoga class at Yoga to the People, smoothie making, a picnic with a view, and of course blogging. We walked to Williamsburg, where we had planned on have our picnic at the East River State Park and take my outfit photos for the blog. We found a really cool steel backdrop and decided it was perfect for the photos, but of course as Austin prepared to start snapping we realized I had left the memory card in the computer at home. This is the kind of airy-fairy stuff I have to deal with on a daily basis!

Anyway I was super excited to style my Sincerely Jules tee that I bought last week at the Piperlime event. I was between doing a very colourful ensemble, with pinks and greens. But for my low-key day in Brooklyn I opted for a Parisian-chic look, with plain skinnies and moto vest. I hope the finished look would have made SJ proud!

Happy Monday everybody, MP xxx

Grey Bunny

Aritzia sweater :: H&M men's tee :: Sparkle and Fade skirt :: Swatch watch ::
Nike Blazer Mid sneakers :: Forever 21 tote :: Ray-ban glasses

Arugula, acorn squash, beet and and pear salad at Park Luncheonette, in Greenpoint.

The simple beauty of life is all around us.

Sometimes I decide I'm in the mood to wear what I feel would be comfiest. But I think you can be comfortable without having to throw on trackies and an old pair of Uggs! Apply the same techniques and tips you would if you were putting an outfit together for a special occasion, thinking about dominating hues, appropriate accessories and a hair style that will compliment the look. For example with this outfit, grey black and white provided a colour palette, the sporty watch is appropriate to the sporty-chic look, and the ponytail gives it that girly edge.

Ps. My reading material just so happening to match my grey-black-white effect! Happy Easter from MP xxx

Molly Pocket X Sincerely, Jules

(Topshop shirt :: J. Crew cargo pants :: Zara mules :: Guess belt ::
Banana Republic bag :: Asos leather jacket :: Nixon watch)

Needless to say, Molly was an extremely excited bunny before entering the Piperlime store, where Julie Sarinana, ever so fabulously, awaited!

Besides posing for the camera, we even had time for the chats, where she filled me in on her Coachella experience and answered my questions on her LA flea market knowledge. It was fabulous. She was fabulous. Everything was fabulous.

I loved the store's interior. The rugs, comfy seating areas, and antique cabinets gave a finished look I would want in my own home.

I bought this one, which is your favourite?

Outfit planning for the big night!

(J. Crew shirt :: Topman pants :: Michael Kors watch :: Nike sneakers)

Austin's #ootd. I am chuffed that I have a boyfriend that (secretly) also dressed to impress Julie. He even wore his never-before-worn new Nike sneakers. Loving himself!

So overall the night at Piperlime was a thrilling and incredible experience. Not only was she just as stylish and beautiful in the flesh, but even more charming than one would imagine. Until our next meeting Julie, where hopefully you will be queueing to meet Molly Pocket!!!!

Simple in Soho

(Madewell tee and clutch :: American Eagle boyfriend jeans :: Zara heels ::
Nixon watch)

This simple look was spotted by the photographer Markus Mueller. His photos of my look will be featured on the Manhattan Streetstyle app 'Regalia' in the next few days. Can't wait to share them with you!

My Karl X Three art project inspired the streets of new york sooner than I thought it would?! I'm loving this spin on Karl and Anna and maybe this in turn has inspired me to use a little colour in my next Karl project.

iCatchers: Socks 'n' Shoes

What are we thinking? Loving or hating this style? For me this trend is as tasty as Sunday brunch! I think the ankle sock can definitely bring the dress code down a few notches and give a comfy and easy-going edge to your look. Not only this, but if you want to give a monochrome look a bit of jazz and a slight POP! then do this with fun patterned socks as the Man Repeller does. And even if it is simply to warm up those piggies (my mom always referred to my toes as piggies...weird?), then pull up those cosy socks and let them be an addition to your stylish #ootd.

Ps. igobyfrankie is my new girl crush! Being from France and living in London, she has the perfect balance of french chic and london grunge! Her style is effortless, and being the Topshop HQ she is always in the know of recent Topshop styles, and through her blog displays the latest tendencies in European fashion.

Images via:, Style Scrapbook, Fashion Toast, SongofStyle, LustforLife, The Man Repeller, Olsens Anonymous, DailyMail.

Click My Heels: Coachella

(Topshop shirt and boots :: Zara shorts :: H&M necklace and bracelet :: J. crew bag :: House of Harlow sunglasses :: Michael Kors watch)

Brunch at Cafe Colette, Berry Street and North 9th, Williamsburg.

We found the tastiest icecream in Brooklyn today at the Smorgasburg Market, at the Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 5. The Brooklyn Flea has over 100 food stalls, from delicious organic flavoured peanut butter to buttermilk fried chicken. This salted caramel flavoured icecream (from the Blue Marble icecream stand) was definitely the best choice and worth the trip to Brooklyn. Not only are the treats delicious, but you can watch local football teams playing sports, get photos with a number one view of lower manhattan, and take a scenic stroll to the Brooklyn Bridge, where you can stop for a beer and a slice of the 'best pizza in brooklyn' at Grimaldi's.

That number one view!

So, YES I am green with envy at all those mesmerizing Instagram photos from Coachella. Aren't we all? Not only is it a weekend of inspirational 'festival style' but one gets to breath in the carefree California air, and soak in the Beyonce/Jay Z music! This outfit post was obviously inspired by this magical festival weekend, and by just closing my eyes, and wearing this outfit, I can ALMOST picture myself chillin' next to the likes of Rumi Neely and Julie Sarinana! 

A girl can dream....

Ps. I am obsessed with these denim Zara shorts I purchased last summer, SO Isabel Marant inspired.

iCatchers: Birkenstocks


Well if the Olsens are wearing them....

I absolutely adore this last photo. I thought the whole look was quite nostalgic: the boyfriend style jeans, the cropped top with mid-drift on show, and of course the beautiful Birkenstocks! These are trends of 2014 are they not? This photo shows how style is for life, while trends will come and go (and come and go again!).

I will admit that only a few years ago while backpacking around Greece, myself and my best friend would fall around laughing about the Birkenstock! It seemed they were for our Mom's feet only. But now, I have to say, that since seeing these fashionistas wearing the Arizona Birkenstock so stylishly, I will now be yielding to the originally 90's trend. I am currently lusting after these double strapped 'Mommy' sandals and they are number one on my summer shopping list. Bring on the Birkenstock!

Images from: Pinterest, WhoWhatWear, Fashion Me Now, Studded Hearts, Fashiontoast, Song of Style, Sincerely Jules Instagram.