Being Lazy

(H&M Jumper, Topshop Brogues and Shirt, Zara Slip, Vintage scarf)

Im so sorry. This is probably the worst and uninspiring post EVER! Recent days consist of : thesis, procrastinating, eating, yoga, drinking tea, eating and eating! These are just some left overs from our London trip. I ended up buying this briefcase in Portobello, trés excited to wear it. My birthday is in 6 and a half days. For those who know me know this is a very big deal. I am trying to think of a word best to describe me when it comes to the weeks leading up to my birthday...hmmm...aha : MONSTER. I expect everyone to be extra nice to me and I torment my boyfriend/friends with lists of things I would like. Anyway, my birthday being next week means less thesis work and more outfit posts: YAY!!!